Will Baker

32 / M / NYC


I'm a lazy, reluctant artist of capricious and wayward ambition.

I was raised by the internet, music videos, and an incestuous local punk scene in Billings, Montana. After dropping out of three different majors at three different colleges, I finally got away with a degree in writing and literary studies from a small liberal arts college in a big city.

I built and published my first website in 1999. I've been working as a multidisciplinary designer since 2009 or so. In 2019, I began working in movies and made my first short film. Check back in 2029 for more news.

I'm interested in ambiguity, decentralization, extremes, and the pursuit of individual freedom. I used to have a doomsday mindset, but it kept not coming, and being hopeless is super mainstream now, so I'm trying to get over it.

I spend my leisure time reading books, playing videogames, and daydreaming of hikes inaccessible by tri-state public transit.

If you'd like to chat or work together, don't hesitate to get in touch. I like meeting people online.

This about page was retired on 10/23/2021.

Photo of me taken by my girfran, Virginia Ophals.
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