New website


Welcome to my new website! My old websites, and, have been deprecated and will soon redirect here.

This is sort of a big deal for me, as I've been maintaining a primary personal site at for about 15 years. It was my first proper domain, and I doubt I'll ever give it up, but for a variety of good and bad reasons, I have decided to migrate to something more conventional. But not that conventional—this is a .info, after all. When I think of .info, I think of the vaguely sketchy, purpose-ambiguous sites I'd stumble across in my early web surfing days. And though I've owned .infos for tangential sites before, this one, bearing my name, is the first to feel like a true entry into that weird .info log. Plus, I read an article the other day which claimed that .info remains one of the least performant TLDs, in terms of SEO, despite being among the oldest, and I identify with that. I'm ditching because I dislike the personal and commercial misappropriation of ccTLDs.

Seeing as this is the first website I've coded in a few years, and as I was never any good at development in the first place, it has taken me a while to get it up and running, and I've still got a fair amount of work to do on it. But I'm not in any hurry. I designed this site to be simple and practical, and am hoping that will enable me to update and adjust it with some ease, as and when I feel I should. I have a tendency to do grand redesigns of my sites as often as possible, probably never gaining much in the process, and I'd like to curb that in favor of a calmer, more iterative approach. Above all, though, I just fucking hate fussing over how I might present myself and my work, and much prefer to direct that energy toward, well, myself and my work.

That said, the following is a list of improvements/additions/changes/whatever I'd like to make to this site over the next … while:

  1. Get RSS and Atom feeds up and running for the blog and, perhaps, the site as a whole.
  2. Figure out what to do with the (currently blank) homepage.
  3. Come up with a better, more consistent taxonomy for projects. "Medium," for example, was a term I dropped into the .xd file without much thought when I started designing my indices, and it's made it to production, despite being almost certainly not the right word for the job.
  4. Design some sort of stand-in case-study content for projects with external links so the user isn't greeted with a mostly blank page when paging through case studies.
  5. Mayyyyyybe add social card bullshit.
  6. Add descriptive meta tags, at least on a website level, if not a page level.
  7. Find a place to use blink. I forgot this lost browser support :[[[[[.
  8. Add support for smaller images on case studies which don't mean the, uhhh, I think it was 50rem container width, so they don't stretch out and look all shitty.
  9. Consider the best way to add some kind of 'sketchbook' section.
  10. Migrate one-off pages from to a new, agnostic domain. I bought a while back with something like this in mind.
  11. Figure out a new email address. This is related because I'd like to ditch my current address,, with its domain. It's too clunky. I don't want to use, though, because I think names sound stupid as email domains. I could do, but as my friend, David, rightly pointed out, it sounds super spammy. That's kinda what makes it great, though.
  12. Perhaps add project preview images/thumbnails to the indices. An earlier version of this site included them, and my friends thought that was preferable to the no-image version that's live right now, but I wasn't as into it. I do admit that it's stupid to link to pictoral media apictorally.
  13. Make it possible to designate case study background colors in the CMS. You'll notice right now that the images in several of my commercial case studies feature light gray backgrounds which are maddeningly just off of the background color of this site, making their edges difficult to apprehend and, in such, their subjects difficult to contextualize.