Apartment arrangement


I rearranged my apartment today so the only furniture in my bedroom is my mattress and a couple stacks of books supporting an loose laminate shelving board. On the board are an alarm clock and the book I'm currently reading (Ulysses, still, again, somehow, sigh). A $5 shop light from the hardware store is precariously clamped on the shallow lip of the windowsill about a foot above the board.

It doesn't look good.

Before the rearrangement, my mattress lay in the middle of the main room of my apartment, like a spongy DMZ between my work area and the kitchen. In my bedroom were my couch and my TV. This also didn't look good.

I feel fortunate to have found an affordable apartment in the East Village which runs along the front of the building rather than from the middle toward the front. This orientation grants me seven windows overlooking Tompkins Square Park, and plenty of light. Most of the cheaper one-bedrooms in the city run from the middle of the building toward the front (or back), offering something more like a cave than the aquarium I'm in.

The downside of the aquarium orientation is that it can be difficult to lay out. I've tried several different arrangements in the 2.5 years(!) I've been in this apartment, but haven't liked any of them. If I were to just get rid of my TV, or work on a smaller desk, or trade my mattress for a stowable futon ...

This new layout is perhaps the most conventional I've tried, but I think it looks and flows the worst. My hope is that it will help me sleep more and better.