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29 March 2023
  1. Gender is a social hierarchy mapped to biological sex to enable, maintain, and enforce the oppression of women and girls.
  2. The notions of gender identity, transgender, and nonbinary bolster this hierarchy by associating feelings, behaviors, tendencies, and personality traits with the physical binary of male and female.
  3. A man cannot feel like a woman any more than he can feel like a bat.
  4. When a man says he feels like a woman, he actually feels like the collection of gender stereotypes he assigns to women and is too stupid or too perverted by this to realize the difference. Or he is lying.
  5. When a man says he is a woman, it is because he feels entitled to be a woman by the rights afforded him as a man.
  6. Trans rights activists are men’s rights activists.
  7. Trans activism is not leftist. It is a right-wing, conservative, reductivist, fundamentalist, capitalist, censorial, populist, anti-intellectual, anti-freedom cult.
  8. The trans rights movement is an insidious rebranding and scope-expansion of institutional patriarchy by autogynephilic sexists, conversion therapist homophobes, greedy pharmaceutical corporations looking to develop more comorbid lifetime drug dependencies, unscrupulous medical professionals who want pay for their mortgages with genital mutilation, terminally online rape-hungry incels, opportunistic pedophiles and their salivating army of other dissociated paraphiles, confused and exploited kids, and countless thoughtless, subservient blindly liberal idiots who are evidently eager to watch women’s rights annihilated in favor of men’s nascent privilege to publicly act out and demand participation in their diamond-hard guilt-kinked oppression fetishes formed under the twin infinite pressures of wanting to fuck everything whether it likes it or not and wanting everything to want to be fucked by them whether it likes it or not.