Will Baker / Design

Will Baker
is a designer
in NYC.

Howdy! I design branded digital experiences that empower users and address real needs. I'm passionate about finding simple, elegant solutions to complex problems, and am most excited about my work when it challenges me to learn new things and check my hypotheses. I'm currently looking to join a remote or local team as a Product Designer.

He is looking to join a team.

After years of freelancing, I've decided I miss the close collaboration of working directly with an in-house team. While it's been great taste-testing a wide variety of different products and industries, I'm looking forward to making a greater investment and learning from the evolution of a more focused endeavor.

His practice includes

Product design

From initial user journeys to pixel-perfect publication, I am versed in the complete product design cycle. Whether designing a robust library of modular components or simply iterating on an established path, I strive to create world-class software that balances form and function.

Visual design

Aesthetic value, communicative clarity, and brand development are key in every project I work on. I believe all customer-company experiences are opportunities for growth, and I create rich, compelling graphics, typography, and layouts to explore and maximize that potential.

& more!

Over my decade of exploratory, experimental work, I've developed numerous design-adjacent skills, including art direction, information architecture, illustration, copywriting, and frontend development. I draw on these in turn to inform, contextualize, and deepen my core design efforts.

Here are some
of his projects:

other clients include

  • Covergirl
  • Wells Fargo
  • Sidecho Records
  • Book of the Month

  • With Clarity
  • Maricopa County
  • Covergirl
  • Wells Fargo
  • Sidecho Records
  • Book of the Month
  • Quadio
  • With Clarity
  • Maricopa County

And here’s a summary
of his career:

01/2016 – Present



Operating as a one-person design and branding studio, I work with startups, agencies, and Fortune 500s alike to conceive, launch, and iterate on branded digital experiences in a wide variety of industries, from entertainment to finance.

01/2015 – 01/2016

Creative Director

Keaton Row

As the first creative lead at this fashion-tech startup, I helped guide the company through a complete brand, product, and service redesign to build a luxury women's personal styling service with a "buy less, but better" approach to shopping on web and mobile.

03/2013 – 09/2014

Art Director


As the first creative lead at this fashion-tech startup, I designed the brand and digital experience from scratch to help men get made-to-measure clothing without the cost or friction of traditional tailoring.

01/2012 – 03/2013

Lead Designer

Envision Strategies

Working directly with the executive team, I revised and updated the food service consultancy's existing brand identity and developed digital and print design systems for future correspondence and marketing.

01/2016 – Present

Lead Designer


As the first in-house designer at this bootstrapped startup, I built on top of the simple music-focused social network to create a platform for independent musicians to easily make their own websites and mobile apps without knowing how to code.

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Diverse education

Though I began my higher education studying Visual Communication Design, my curiosity soon led me to a few different majors at a few different universities where I studied Sociology and Physical Sciences before graduating with a degree in Literary Studies and Writing. I'm a lifetime learner and believe no discipline should be practiced in a void.

Wide lens

I designed, coded, and published my first website in 1999. I've seen the web and software climate change a lot since then, and am proud of the perspective my many years of active netizenship have afforded me. I'm always excited about new approaches and techniques, but have seen enough come and go to have a sense for the difference between true game-changers and fleeting trends.

& varied interests!

Beyond design, I'm a self-indulgent dilettante with competing passions for music, film, literature, fine art, and videogames. I love animals, museums, and travel. I'm energized by the great outdoors, exhausted by my list of goals, and driven by the pursuit of individual freedom. My mom says I'm a catch.

So get in touch!

Looking for a designer? I'm presently on the hunt for new NYC-local or remote opportunities in Product Design, and would love to hop on a call to learn about your company and the role you're looking to fill, and to answer any questions you may have about me, my experience, or my skillset.